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These images are provided either from ¤ (i) ventures of our manufacturers,  (ii) or from architectural publications that feature products/ concepts, that are also within our portfolio, or design-concepts that are also featured in our ‘LuX PreCreate Homes’.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

Frank Gehry
General Frame

can across the rocky coastline and you might miss the SJAIII House.


SJAIII House in text 300x225 1
Building with Nature

The home is almost entirely embedded into the San Juan de Alim, Mexico landscape. Hanging vines and native vegetation cascade over the front elevation, making the exterior become a part of the scenery.

Its interior is wrapped in rich woods, a warm contrast to the hillside’s exposed stone. Retractable walls turn the inside into an open-air pavilion with extensive views over the Pacific Ocean.

The living spaces now spill out onto an outdoor terrace covered by an oversized roof.

A stone walkway leads down to a swimming pool. Like the rest of the residence, the water feature is integrated into the natural environment using the existing rock formations as a basin.




SJAIII House, a listing of our ‘Influential Concepts’ relating to design and construction ¦

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