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Lale is a UK based british company with tailoring.

The very unique cotton used is grown and milled in the Aegean Region in Turkey, east of the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

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  • Jason Richardson
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  • January 16th, 2017
  • www.spiceblends.com

Project Overview

Best of Nature, short BON, only uses the most natural ingredients in traditional recipes for its finest oils, herbal mixtures and essences. But with a constantly growing product palette, it was important to establish a strategic and aesthetic focus for the brand.


Filamento Lamps


Herbal Essences

Art Director

Jackson Smith



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Additional Work

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Online Wholesale Store - Marble + Granite

Take advantage of our amazing wholesale prices by purchasing directly from ‘DGLifestyles Online-store’ — with trackable deliveries nationwide via UPS + optional ‘Export-shipping’ to the Caribbean.

We have made available a wide selection of : Ceiling Fans, Lighting (Indoor and Outdoor),  European Pool-side Showers, Modern European Furniture, DGL Doors (Indoor and Entrance Doors), Kitchen + Bathroom Faucets, Smart Mirrors, Bathroom Sinks, Decpr Stones, Sun Shades — and much more.   Also, be on the lookout for added discounts on bulk orders  ⊥  to be launched on September 1st, 2023.

Lets Get Your Quote Started

Architectural Drawing or Details

Provide a detailed Architectural Drawing or Items Details, based on the actual ‘as-built’ layout of the area where you wish to use our product.

Description of Design

Provide a detailed description of your Design, detailing functionality, spacing, and style based on our portfolio, finishes, and color.

Added Requirements

Provide details of types of any added requirements or characteristics that are required for your custom design, and functionality requirements.

Shipping + Export Logistics

Our in-house Logistics Division grants us the advantage of managing our products from our worldwide manufacturers + minimize freight costs with consolidation.


    testimonial 14 150x150 1

    The additional assistance in finding the most suitable fan for your needs. For our project we needed extreme energy-saving and functionality + sophistication - we were introduced to the Haiku Fan, which is amazing.


    testimonial 12 150x150 1

    Enjoyed the fact that with every project, even a basic purchase of Window /Door, the manufacture’s engineers are involved to ensure that the product quoted is suitable for your geographic region, and ‘extreme weather conditions.

    - V. HASSLER

    testimonial 9 150x150 1

    Enjoyed the knowledge of how to select a suitable fan-size based on your 'room size' + the wide assortment of models and selections in various blade sizes. Having a knowledgeable sales guide was a real asset.

    - R. CRISAFI

    testimonial 1 150x150 1

    Rust from the 'salt air' was a major concern for us. However, being educated and introduced to brands that had an oil-filled casing that protected the mechanism from rust was comforting to know - and helped in our decision-making.

    - R. HODGE

    testimonial 13 150x150 1

    Working with a manufacture provided us with customization at no added cost + the engineer's involvement in modifying the ‘impact-glass' to meet category #5 wind speeds + the third layer of glass and layer of thermal-barrier for an extra reduction in thermal radiation.

    - A. HANLEY

    testimonial 10 150x150 1

    As a Designer /Contractor, and faced with a project in the Caribbean on a cliff, facing the Tradewinds - the requirement for an extreme heavy-duty Window and Door package to overcompensate for extreme hurricanes was needed. I am so please with the engineering that produced these elegant, yet rigid windows /door packages.

    - L. LAKE

    testimonial 5

    The additional assistance from the manufacturer's engineers to providing suitable lighting solutions to reduce our 'energy consumption' by 66%, while providing an elegant modern Lighting Design


    testimonial 7 150x150 1

    Purchased Cedar Roofing for our retirement home, the ease of purchase + the knowledge provided in assisting us with our purchase/ installation was a great asset to us + at an amazing wholesale cost.

    - L. CHAPMAN