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Impact Resistant Sliding Doors

Ideally suited for Coastal Regions. Includes thick German Frame + 3-layer Impact Glass + 2.28 PVB Protective Layer

Durability    |    High-grade Craftsmanship    |    Lifetime Warranty 

Product Specification + Overview

HURRICANE IMPACT   |  SLIDING DOORS   Ξ   Our Triple-layer Impact Resistant Laminated Glass

Our products are geared for Impact Zone 4 Regions, making them ideally suited for Coastal Regions, Salt-air Regions, and areas that are susceptible to Hurricanes | Triple-layer or Double-Layer Impact Glass  |  2.28-PVB  |  Low E  |  Air Insulation Layer  |  1-1/2″ Glass Thickness  |  German Made Hardware  | Thermal Barrier

  • Coastal Regions, Hurricane Regions
  • Impact Resistant Product
  • Sliding Door
  • 3500-Pa | 215.8 mph | WR 200-Pa
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Sliding Door 4
Sliding Door 3
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Sliding Door Systems

Sliding Doors open horizontally in a collapsible format (one behind the other).  And can slide either : (i) in one direction, or (ii) both directions.   These Doors come in a Plain Design allowing for a clear picturesque view.

Our Doors are designed and engineered around a rigid German Aluminum-frame, and specifically geared for high-impact zones —  ideally suited for Coastal Regions.  Our ‘Impact Resistant Laminated Glass Windows’, is equipped with a 2.28 PvB protected barrier (however, we can also provide these windows as ‘non-impact glass’ if requested).

All doors are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty program, and we provide customer support from the beginning of the design phase through to the lifetime of your door.

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Sliding Door Customization

Full customization allows us to manufacture these Door to your specified measurements, and also allows us to combine multiple Window/ or Door systems in the same rigid Aluminum Frame (e.g a Fixed-window and a Sliding Door in the same single frame).

The customization of all our Doors first starts with the engineer – who reviews the registered Impact Level of your geographic location, to ensure that the required structural specifications are incorporated for your geographic zone (e.g earthquake zones -vs- hurricane zones).

Once that is completed, we are then able to structurally design your Door to any size that you desire, and include whatever combination of Window/ or Door System you suggest.  Take advantage of our seamless ‘Right-angle Windows’, which provide an almost panoramic view, even in small spaces.

Additional Specifications
  • German-hardware
  • German Aluminum Frame
  • 2.28-PvB High Impact Barrier
  • Double or Triple Laminated Glass (1-3/4” or 2-1/4")
  • Thermal Barrier
  • One-touch Retractable Screen
  • OPTOPN : Tint-glass | Frost-glass | Seeded-glass
Frame Colors
  • Champaign
  • Matt Black
  • Blue-Grey
  • Brown
  • Matt White
  • Dark Grey (custom color)
  • Custom RAL Color
Frame Colors + Customization | optional Glass Tints

STANDARD COLORS  ¦  Champaign | Matt Black | Blue/Grey | Brown | Matt White.   CUSTOM COLORS : We also match any RAL Color Code

TINTED GLASS OPTIONS  ( select your intensity – light, medium or heavy) ¦  Crystal Grey | French Green | Euro Grey | Bronze | Dark Green | Ocean Blue

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Message from Management

Dear Potential Client,

We welcome you to DGLifestyles Network of Companies.

We hope that you enjoy the ‘high-level’ of ¦   Craftsmanship,  Design, and Ingenuity  –  that we bring to our products  –  especially making them ideally suited for Impact Zone #4 Regions.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.



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    testimonial 14 150x150 1

    The additional assistance in finding the most suitable fan for your needs. For our project we needed extreme energy-saving and functionality + sophistication - we were introduced to the Haiku Fan, which is amazing.


    testimonial 12 150x150 1

    Enjoyed the fact that with every project, even a basic purchase of Window /Door, the manufacture’s engineers are involved to ensure that the product quoted is suitable for your geographic region, and ‘extreme weather conditions.

    - V. HASSLER

    testimonial 9 150x150 1

    Enjoyed the knowledge of how to select a suitable fan-size based on your 'room size' + the wide assortment of models and selections in various blade sizes. Having a knowledgeable sales guide was a real asset.

    - R. CRISAFI

    testimonial 1 150x150 1

    Rust from the 'salt air' was a major concern for us. However, being educated and introduced to brands that had an oil-filled casing that protected the mechanism from rust was comforting to know - and helped in our decision-making.

    - R. HODGE

    testimonial 13 150x150 1

    Working with a manufacture provided us with customization at no added cost + the engineer's involvement in modifying the ‘impact-glass' to meet category #5 wind speeds + the third layer of glass and layer of thermal-barrier for an extra reduction in thermal radiation.

    - A. HANLEY

    testimonial 10 150x150 1

    As a Designer /Contractor, and faced with a project in the Caribbean on a cliff, facing the Tradewinds - the requirement for an extreme heavy-duty Window and Door package to overcompensate for extreme hurricanes was needed. I am so please with the engineering that produced these elegant, yet rigid windows /door packages.

    - L. LAKE

    testimonial 5

    The additional assistance from the manufacturer's engineers to providing suitable lighting solutions to reduce our 'energy consumption' by 66%, while providing an elegant modern Lighting Design


    testimonial 7 150x150 1

    Purchased Cedar Roofing for our retirement home, the ease of purchase + the knowledge provided in assisting us with our purchase/ installation was a great asset to us + at an amazing wholesale cost.

    - L. CHAPMAN