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U-Channel Glass Railings

DGLifestyles - Customized Products to suit your Decor/ Building project needs. A sophisticated level of craftsmanship & durability; at wholesale prices.

Durability    |    High-grade Craftsmanship    |    Lifetime Warranty 

U-CHANNEL GLASS RAILINGS   Ξ   Encompasses ¤ Tempered Glass Customization, Stainless Steel

Our products are geared for all Regions.  Fully semi-customizable based on our product-catalog.  Hardware is made of Stainless Steel.

  • All Regions
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Metalwork | Glasswork
  • High Impact | Damp and Dry Areas

Product Specification Overview + Detail Page Link

Materials  ¤  Tempered Glass, Stainless Steel |  Customized  |  Pest Resistant  |  suited for both Dry and Damp locations  |  Stainless Steel Hardware  |  German Made Hardware  | Product Specification Page  ¦   Learn More about Glass Railings

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Message from Management

Dear Potential Client,

We welcome you to DGLifestyles Network of Companies.

We hope that you enjoy the ‘high-level’ of ¦   Craftsmanship,  Design, and Ingenuity  –  that we bring to our products  –  especially making them ideally suited for Impact Zone #4 Regions.

For more details on this product click the following link  ¦   Learn More about Glass Railings

We look forward to working with you on your next project.



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    testimonial 14 150x150 1

    The additional assistance in finding the most suitable fan for your needs. For our project we needed extreme energy-saving and functionality + sophistication - we were introduced to the Haiku Fan, which is amazing.


    testimonial 12 150x150 1

    Enjoyed the fact that with every project, even a basic purchase of Window /Door, the manufacture’s engineers are involved to ensure that the product quoted is suitable for your geographic region, and ‘extreme weather conditions.

    - V. HASSLER

    testimonial 9 150x150 1

    Enjoyed the knowledge of how to select a suitable fan-size based on your 'room size' + the wide assortment of models and selections in various blade sizes. Having a knowledgeable sales guide was a real asset.

    - R. CRISAFI

    testimonial 1 150x150 1

    Rust from the 'salt air' was a major concern for us. However, being educated and introduced to brands that had an oil-filled casing that protected the mechanism from rust was comforting to know - and helped in our decision-making.

    - R. HODGE

    testimonial 13 150x150 1

    Working with a manufacture provided us with customization at no added cost + the engineer's involvement in modifying the ‘impact-glass' to meet category #5 wind speeds + the third layer of glass and layer of thermal-barrier for an extra reduction in thermal radiation.

    - A. HANLEY

    testimonial 10 150x150 1

    As a Designer /Contractor, and faced with a project in the Caribbean on a cliff, facing the Tradewinds - the requirement for an extreme heavy-duty Window and Door package to overcompensate for extreme hurricanes was needed. I am so please with the engineering that produced these elegant, yet rigid windows /door packages.

    - L. LAKE

    testimonial 5

    The additional assistance from the manufacturer's engineers to providing suitable lighting solutions to reduce our 'energy consumption' by 66%, while providing an elegant modern Lighting Design


    testimonial 7 150x150 1

    Purchased Cedar Roofing for our retirement home, the ease of purchase + the knowledge provided in assisting us with our purchase/ installation was a great asset to us + at an amazing wholesale cost.

    - L. CHAPMAN