‘Projects that we Love’  ¤  the above images are based on architectural projects that we love!  

These images are provided either from ¤ (i) ventures of our manufacturers,  (ii) or from architectural publications that feature products/ concepts, that are also within our portfolio, or design-concepts that are also featured in our ‘LuX PreCreate Homes’.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

Frank Gehry
General Frame

GIER Design Project was a full retro-fitting project of 20,000-SQFT.  This project was designed to depict a more European Modern Design, as well as electrically engineered to be energy efficient – DGLifestyles provided  ¦  a modern lighting theme | that is durable as the site very near the Caribbean Sea, hence we would have to be mindful of the ‘salt-air’ effects on metal |  energy efficiency lighting was provided that reduced lighting energy consumption by 66 percent.


OGIER small 300x225 1
Lighting Design

Project situated in the Br. Virgin Islands, managed by OBMI International, lighting design + lighting materials from DGLifestyles.  Consisting of LED Lighting based on the revolutionary CREE LED electrical system for LED lighting.

(i) Trimless recessed lighting fixtures that provided a seamless transition from the sheet-rock ceiling to the lighting fixture housing.

(ii) 4-inch LED recessed lighting that provided enough foot-candle output to match a ‘work station’ requirement, hence matching the output level of fluorescent lighting.

(ii) Energy-efficient TT5 Fluorescent Bulbs used in the Linear Pendent lighting, hence providing a uniform output effect as the LED recessed lighting.

(iii) Lighting design was a holistic approach to incorporate the HVC + Sprinkler System, in the same liner ceiling tile layouts as the Linear Recessed Fluorescent Lighting.



OGIER Design Project, a listing of our ‘Influential Concepts’ relating to design and construction ¦

These architectural design listings on our FaceBook Page and selected by DGLifestyles, and are geared to unique – products, designs, concepts, and effects that push the boundaries of creativity and design from both a practical + creative perspective.

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