‘Projects that we Love’  ¤  the above images are based on architectural projects that we love!  

These images are provided either from ¤ (i) ventures of our manufacturers,  (ii) or from architectural publications that feature products/ concepts, that are also within our portfolio, or design-concepts that are also featured in our ‘LuX PreCreate Homes’.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

Frank Gehry
General Frame

anny Cay Project —  the newly built selection of condominiums located at Nanny Cay, in the British Virgin Islands.

NannyCay 7 300x244 1
Nanny Cay Project


Our role was finalizing the lighting selection, based on : effect, energy-saving properties, and also a high resistance to rust as these condominiums are located very near the ocean.  And in the Caribbean, the effects of salt air are very damaging.


It was impressive to see how fast these units were sold, despite the fact that the price rose considerably approximately every six month





NANNY CAY Project, a listing of our ‘Influential Concepts’ relating to design and construction ¦

These architectural design listings on our FaceBook Page and selected by DGLifestyles, and are geared to unique – products, designs, concepts, and effects that push the boundaries of creativity and design from both a practical + creative perspective.

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