Metal Roofing

Ideally suited for Class 4 Impact + Coastal Regions. Several colors + heavy-gauge 24 - 26

Our Metal Roofing Panels + Metal Roofing Installation Kits

  • Roofing Coil
  • Galvalume to Aluminum
  • Galvalume Panels
  • Exposed to Hidden Systems
  • Aluminum Panels
  • Exposed to Hidden Systems
  • Decra Panels
  • Stone covered Galvalume Panels Metal Roofing Metal Roofing
  • Roofing Coil
  • Roofing Coil are usually sold to Roof Installers, and is used to create the finished Roof Panels needed for your metal roof installation. Coils are available in both Aluminum and Galvalume, ranging in gauges 24 - 26 for Galvalume. While Aluminum ranges from .032 - .040. Clients are able to choose from a host of colors, that a coated with KYNAR 500, a resin based coating used to preserve a colors richness without fading for decades.
  • Exposed Fastener Panels
  • Exposed Fastener Panels System allows the panel fasteners to be visible, as they are fastened on top of the roof. This system boost the benefit of quick installation, but the downside of metal fasteners exposed to extreme weather elements and salt-air, not to mention, the lack of design appeal based on the visibility of the fasteners. It is available in both Aluminum and Galvalume. Consisting of panel styles Wave, 5V Crimp, PBR Metal Roofing Decra Metal Roofing
  • Hidden Fastener Panel
  • Hidden Fastener Panels System allows the panel fasteners to be canceled as they are fastened under a crimped roof connection. This system boost the benefit of a desired aesthetic appeal and extends the lifespan of the fasteners, as they are not exposed to extreme elements of the weather nor salt-air. Available in both Aluminum and Galvalume. Consisting of panel styles Standing Seam 1”, Standing Seam 1-3/4”, Standing Loc 2"
  • Stone Covered Panel
  • Decra Panels System is a metal panel system that is coated with a thin layer of stone on top the metal roof panel. This projects the benefits of, a rapid cooling effect to the roof, reduction in suns radiation entering the the building via the roof panel, added roof protection, aesthetic appeal as the finished products looks more like Clay Roof Tiles. Available only in 26-gauge, in styles such as Tile, Shake, Shingle and Villa Tile.
Wave Design Metal Roofing
V Crimp Design Metal Roofing
PBR Design Metal Roofing
1`` Standing Seam Design Metal Roofing
1-1/4`` Standing Seam Design Metal Roofing
2`` Standing Seam Design Metal Roofing

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Architectural Drawing or Sketch

Provide a detailed Architectural Drawing or Sketch, based on the actual ‘as-built’ layout of the area where your custom cabinets will be installed.

Description of Design

Provide a detailed description of your Design, detailing measurements, gauge, design of your metal roof selection; including, valley, hip — as well as product color.

Added Roofing Requirements

Our Custom Metal Roof is custom-cut to suit your roof design and includes all required Metal Sheeting, Screws, Pre-molded Vally, Flashing, Silicone and more.

Manufacture Requirements

Our Metal Roofing products are sold in many temperate regions, our manufacturer’s engineers require the geographical zone, to determine the impact-rating required.


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    Enjoyed the fact that with every project, even a basic purchase of Roofing Materials, the manufacture's engineers are involved to ensure that the product quoted is suitable for your geographic region, and ‘extreme weather conditions.


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    Purchased Cedar Roofing for our retirement home, the ease of purchase + the knowledge provided in assisting us with our purchase/ installation was a great asset to us + at an amazing wholesale cost.

    - L. CHAPMAN

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    Purchased Custom Cut Metal Roofing, the turn-around time was great. The fact that it included all the materials needed for the installation of the roof, even the accessories - made for an effortless installation + reduced my labor cost

    - R. CRISAFI

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    Warranty on the Metal Roofing is amazing, especially the fact that it is extended to projects in the Caribbean, with a manufacture that is based in the USA. Upon receiving the materials I can see why - the strength of the material + the application of the rasin-based non-fade paint, make it an exceptional product.

    - K. DORCENT