Turn-Key Homes

Complete luxury-finished homes, based on your selected model + custom-designs. Reduce the worries of delays and unfinished craftsmanship.


Luxury Finishes + Durability

Decor Materials + Finished Materials are of the highest quality, ensuring that our homes are noticeably appealing + extreme weather durable


Short Time-frame

All our home-models are built using a constriction-system, which gives us the advantage of completing every phase in record time


Elegant | Unique Design

Our models are derived from Architects ranging from the Caribbean, USA, South America + Canada, recognized for their forward-thinking + stunning functional designs

LuX PreCreate Homes

Our most anticipated Turn-key Model Home is derived from the collaboration of our Building & Decor Manufactures.  An astounding network of Architects, Structural Engineers and Interior Designers — all geared to the launch of a series of homes that are design and structured to be ‘engineered hurricane impact luxury homes’  —  Lux PreCreate Homes™.

  • Marketing DirectorDavid G
  • ZoneCoastal | Hurricane Regions
  • DesignersNetwork of Architects | Engineers
  • Building SystemMetal Frame + Re-Enforced Cement Boards
Let's Design|Build your Home
Aluminum-coated Heavy Structural Steel Frame

LuX PreCreate Homes were engineered to solve two critical variable factors in the construction-industry that have an effect on the overall cost of a project — time for completion based on your building method + the cost of your labor force to be completed in the time you have specified.  If these two variables can be altered, by providing a quicker building-method +and be efficient with a minimal labor-force — such an achievement can reduce the cost of your building project by 50%.  Now, that would be a massive achievement, especially when the quality of the work is not compromised.

It is on this basis that LuX PreCreate Homes was formed.  Our Hot-dipped Aluminum Structural Steel Frame is engineered to the details of your CAD Drawings and shipping to your location and anchored on a concrete foundation as well as our interior and exterior wall that are concealed with light-weight Structural Cement Blocks with a dimension of 24-inches Χ 120-inches — reduced the time-consumption without compromising structural quality.  Furthermore, our Structural Cement Blocks increase the quality of construction based on their specifications listed below.

  • Maximum Structural Support
  • Anti-corrosive aluminum coat
  • Record-breaking installation-time
  • Solid anchoring of foundation and house
Light-weight Structural Cement Block Panels

Our engineered Light-weight Cement Block Panels are used to build reinforced load-bearing and non-load-bearing exterior and interior walls for residential, commercial, industrial and fire and shaft walls in commercial and industrial buildings. These oversized Cement Block Panels meet the diverse demands better than any other material due to the numerous advantages of its physical, mechanical and energy efficiency properties — which has lead to this product being a popular choice for construction un Europe and now in the United States.

The reinforced load-bearing version of these panels is called a Power Panel, and can be applied directly to wood or metal studs, eliminating the need for additional structural sheathing such as plywood.  Power Panels are reinforced internally with a steel mesh protected with anti-corrosive coating.  In addition, the lightweight nature of these Cement Block Panels allows a  more efficient and faster building method.

This same structural concept of the Power Panel for walls, has also been engineered for flooring — these are called Power Floors, and allow for quick completion of upper floor in a building — while boasting noise-canceling acoustic benefits as well as thermal benefits.

The smooth surface on both sides of the Cement Block Panels — makes finishing walls in preparation for painting an effortless-task that can be completed in a short space of time.

  • Load Bearing Panels with steel rebar
  • Solid cellular concrete material
  • Record-breaking installation-time
  • Energy saving due to Thermal benefits
  • Fire | Mold | Mildew Resistant
  • Noise Canceling performance
  • Pest and Rot Resistant
  • Certified LEED product rating
View designs within LuX PreCreate Homes

Based on our array of Decor Manufactures and their assortment of ‘finished products’, we are able to create various designs and design-concepts — we work closely with our Network of Designers to remain on the cutting-edge of functional yet aesthetic design concepts.  Clients also have the flexibility to ‘customize’ their own designs with the aid of our Design Team and Engineers.