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Ideally suited for Coastal Regions. Customized in several designs + finishes
Kitchen Selections & Complete Accessory Kits by - ARRITAL
  • Ak-Project Design
  • Custom Modern Design + Practical Solutions
  • AkB-08 Design
  • Custom Modern Design + Professional Solutions
  • AK-04 Design
  • Custom Modern Design + Modular Flexibility
  • TailorMade-01
  • Custom Modern Design + Custom System
  • Village Design
  • Custom Modern Design + Traditional Wooden Features
  • Accessories + Solutions
  • Custom Modern Design + Space Saving Solutions
  • Counter Tops
  • Custom Cut - Marble + Granite + Avonite
  • Appliances + Hardware
  • Custom Suited - Ovens + Refrigerators + Stoves Kitchens Kitchens
  • AK-Project Design
  • Aesthetic Design coupled with Ergonomic Practical Systems have brought together in a single collection that harmoniously combines objectives and materials - and further enhanced by a broad range of available finishes tailor-made to suit user needs. Adaptability to all finishes is effortless without needing any substantial changes.
  • AKB-08 Design
  • Transferring the practicality of a professional kitchen to a domestic environment, is the ‘brain-child’ of two expert figures - Designer + Chef, and without compromising on clean lines and modular elegance known by Arrital. The organization of spaces, accessories and materials have been carefully selected by this design duo. Kitchens Kitchens
  • AK-04 Design
  • A modern kitchen system that combines modular flexibility, technology and new materials. Doors are made essentially from a patented extruded aluminum frame: lightweight - solid - slim, hence enhancing the value of the kitchen - and further enhanced by a broad range of available finishes tailor-made to suit user needs. Adaptability to all finishes is effortless without needing any substantial changes.
  • Customize from 5 different systems,with new practical solutions including new open housing spaces with disappearing fastening systems to optimize storage space : accented with 26-mm doors. Utilize a range of selected materials of different visual, tactile impacts and extra finishes, inclusive of : satin-polished extra-clear and tempered glass, numerous glossy, matt and oxidized lacquered colors - to suit your desire. Kitchens Kitchens
  • Village Design
  • Accented door frame in solid ash wood, combined with elements that personalize a more Traditional Design. The subtle double incision on the louvre door, also available in a smooth version, the possibility to complete the composition with panelling, frames or finishing side panels of noticeable thickness, all available in 14 colors, offering the kitchen a touch of timeless charm. Vast modularity grants maximum personalization.
  • Accessories + Solutions
  • Arrival® features a wide variety of : multiple space saving solutions, wall modules with retractable doors + retractable storage racks, draws with multiple storage units in various sizes called ‘Flyboxes’, Wine Racks, Breakfast Bar solutions, multiple Corner Cabinets solutions. All designed to accentuate the clean lines of a modern styled kitchen, while at the sometime optimizing every opportunity for both storage and usage space. Kitchens Kitchens
  • Counter Tops
  • We supply a wide range of customized Stone Counter Tops from Arrival® - but mainly from our other Stone Manufactures worldwide ranging from : Granite, Marble, Slate, Blue Onyx, Sandstone. Alternative materials are also available in a wide range of colors and finishes + custom cut as required : Melamine, Grès, Quartz agglomerate, Corian, Stainless Steel, Glass, Silestone® and Avonite®
  • Appliances + Hardware
  • With design systems set to accommodate a host of standard and customized appliances, Arrival® accommodations are made for : built-in microwaves systems, wall-insert refrigerators with matching panel doors, wall oven insert systems, in-draw warmer systems, dish washer insert systems, in-draw task lighting, counter-top task lamps, insert extractor vents inset range/stove.

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Architectural Drawing or Sketch

Provide a detailed Architectural Drawing or Sketch, based on the actual ‘as-built’ layout of the area where your custom cabinets will be installed.

Description of Design

Provide a detailed description of your Design, detailing functionality, the spacing of storage areas, location of appliances, finishes, and colors.

Storage Requirements

Provide details of types of storage-space required, such as deep slide-out draws for things like pots, vertical spice-rack retractable storage, etc.

Appliance Requirements

Provide details of the appliances + specifications of the appliance that you need custom-fit into your Kitchen Design, such as : warmers, dish-washers, etc.

    AKB-08 Design Kitchens
    TAILORMADE-01 Design Kitchens
    AK-04 DESIGN Kitchens
    AK-04 DESIGN Kitchens
    AK-04 DESIGN Kitchens
    TAILORMADE-01 Design Kitchens
    TAILORMADE-01 Design Kitchens
    Accessory Draw + Auto LED Light Kitchens
    Retractable Vertical Storage Kitchens
    Retractable Vertical Storage Kitchens
    testimonial 14

    The additional assistance in finding the most suitable fan for your needs. For our project we needed extreme energy-saving and functionality + sophistication - we were introduced to the Haiku Fan, which is amazing.


    testimonial 2

    With our home right on the beach, and our fair of rust from ‘salt-air’, we purchased a Lighting-theme that included custom-designed Chrome Rail Pendant Fixtures - the fan we selected was from MinkaAire - a perfect complement to our design + at a cost lower than Amazon.


    testimonial 9

    Enjoyed the knowledge of how to select a suitable fan-size based on your 'room size' + the wide assortment of models and selections in various blade sizes. Having a knowledgeable sales guide was a real asset.

    - R. CRISAFI

    testimonial 1

    Rust from the 'salt air' was a major concern for us. However, being educated and introduced to brands that had an oil-filled casing that protected the mechanism from rust was comforting to know - and helped in our decision-making.

    - R. HODGE