Closet + Bath + Sofa Selection Details

Ideally suited for Coastal Regions. Customized in several designs + finishes

Closet + Bath + Sofa Selections & Complete Systems by - LEMA

  • Bookcase Closet
  • Custom Modern Design + Customizable System
  • Modular Closet Systems
  • Custom Modern Design + Customizable System
  • Closet Sideboard + Containers
  • Custom Modern Design + Modular Units
  • Closet/Wardrobes
  • Custom Modern Design + Modular Units
  • Walk-in Closet/ Wardrobes
  • Custom Modern Design + Customizable System
  • Closet Containers
  • Custom Modern Design + Modular Units
  • Sofa
  • Custom Modern Design + Fixed or Modular
  • Bathroom Furniture
  • Custom Modern Design + Fixed or Modular Closest Closest
  • Bookcase
  • Bookcase system consist of over 1500 highly customizable elements that are compatible with an array of finishes, hence making compositional possibilities virtually endless. This open-faced system can be combined with either flush doors, protruding doors and compartments, with glass or wooden shelves + integrated lighting in the rear panel, to create pleasant mood lighting.
  • Modular System
  • Fully customizable wooden modular system with strong detailed colors of containers + wall elements available in four configurations : Floor, Sideboard, Wall-mounted and Panelling. Granting the freedom to combine your design with a series of additional elements : Double-side Containers, Benches and Storage Solutions for Multimedia Equipment. Closets Closest
  • Sideboards + Containers
  • A modern kitchen system that combines modular flexibility, technology and new materials. Doors are made essentially from a patented extruded aluminum frame: lightweight - solid - slim, hence enhancing the value of the kitchen - and further enhanced by a broad range of available finishes tailor-made to suit user needs. Adaptability to all finishes is effortless without needing any substantial changes.
  • Wardrobes
  • A system that slots seamlessly into any space and customized as needed. The sophisticated opening system means the doors can be installed in a single line, delivering the aesthetic benefit of a perfectly continuous surface in various operating styles : Open, Folding, Sliding, Swing and Coplanar - in glossy or matt lacquered finishes + multiple storage and hanging compartments. Closets Closets
  • Walk-in Wardrobes
  • A series of wall mounted modular systems of absolute flexibility to accommodate design requirements such as sloping walls and ceilings, irregular floor plans, and corners. Compatible with a vast range of hanging and storage accessories, including clothes rails, suspended and floor chests of drawers, shelves in an array of finishes and accessories - hence adapting to any lifestyle.
  • Containers
  • Containers are compact in their design and adds plenty of character to the piece, a work of micro-architecture with an unusual sequence of compartments of differing sizes, available in with open-face or panel door design, the graphic nature of the design brings dynamism to the piece. The piece can be customized with different colors for the doors and the inside lining. Sofa Bathroom Closets
  • Sofa
  • Sofa systems consist of both fixed-units and modular-units - sophisticated retro influence governs our fixed-units, while our modular-units are conceived as a collection of free elements that could be combined to suit an individual taste. Resulting in a combination of solutions suitable for both domestic living rooms and large contract spaces.
  • Bathroom Furniture
  • Featuring wall mounted or free standing esthetics, curved and squared modules interprets the standard design of bathroom furniture in an elegant and refined approach. Coupled with an array of color finishes and textures with moisture resistance that are further heighten with a resin-base to further amplify water-proofing. Further accentuate your counter-tops with : Marble or Glass.

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Provide a detailed Architectural Drawing or Sketch, based on the actual ‘as-built’ layout of the area where your custom cabinets will be installed.

Description of Design

Provide a detailed description of your Design, detailing functionality, the spacing of storage areas, location of appliances, finishes, and colors.

Storage Requirements

Provide details of types of storage-space required, such as deep slide-out draws for utensils, towels, etc.  Options such as a hidden power-supply area, can be provided.

Fittings + Sink Requirements

Provide details of the type of faucet fittings + specifications, as well as the number of sinks + specifications, so that these may be incorporated into your design.

    Sistema Selecta Design Closets
    Novenove Design Closets
    Casarredo Design Closets
    Sistema Selecta Design Closets
    Sistema Selecta Design Closets
    Sistema Selecta Design Closets
    Container LT40 Closets
    Sistema Selecta Closet System Closets
    Container LT40 Closets
    Cloud Sofa
    Jermyn Closets
    Cloud Sofa
    Hanging Modular System Bathroom Closets
    Prestige Modular System Bathroom Closets
    Hanging Modular System Bathroom Closets
    testimonial 14 150x150 1

    The additional assistance in finding the most suitable fan for your needs. For our project we needed extreme energy-saving and functionality + sophistication - we were introduced to the Haiku Fan, which is amazing.


    testimonial 2 150x150 1

    With our home right on the beach, and our fair of rust from ‘salt-air’, we purchased a Lighting-theme that included custom-designed Chrome Rail Pendant Fixtures - the fan we selected was from MinkaAire - a perfect complement to our design + at a cost lower than Amazon.


    testimonial 9 150x150 1

    Enjoyed the knowledge of how to select a suitable fan-size based on your 'room size' + the wide assortment of models and selections in various blade sizes. Having a knowledgeable sales guide was a real asset.

    - R. CRISAFI

    testimonial 1 150x150 1

    Rust from the 'salt air' was a major concern for us. However, being educated and introduced to brands that had an oil-filled casing that protected the mechanism from rust was comforting to know - and helped in our decision-making.

    - R. HODGE